A message to Generation X and Baby Boomers

As 21-year-old representative of generation Y, I have been an energetic life learner who hasn’t stopped trying to improve my education and personal development. Generation Y are linked and associated with technology and access to the internet and are expected to have a superior understanding of these sort of technological advances. But there are problems with this as well, there are a number of places for us to hide and procrastinate online with the huge advances of social media over the last decade, we can hide in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and a number of sites. Certain people accuse us of being impatient, ungrateful and brainwashed (Millwood, A.B, 2007Valentine, D.B. and Powers, L.T, 2013 )


Some academics have even gone as far as writing books on how to deal with generation Y this academics have written books on how to work with us, how to manage us and how to sell us (Myers, K.K and Sadaghiani, K., 2010), (Martin, C.A., 2005), (Harrington, R.J. et al, 2012). However, society keeps giving us more information about the difference between the generations which honestly is quiet annoying.

While most academics such as focus on the fresh things coming from the new generation, certain academics such as; Bauerlein and Twenge focus on the negative aspects in such books titled as “The Dumbest Generation” and “Generation Me” The problem with most of the papers written about us is that they are written by the elder generations, by baby-boomers or generation X-ers, and therefore, may not be accurate or a fair reflection.

Generation Y and the following generations are the generations that are about to enter the events industry and become the predominant workforce of the industry. Our generation differs because we have different standards to the previous generation and require different things this is why it is important we are understood! (Harrington, R.J. et al (2005) has written an article about Generation Y where they speak about us as consumers. But due to these changes I feel it is more important to talk about us as employees and I feel it is important to try and create an article that’ll help employers understand us more and make working relationships between our generation and other generations stronger.


So what will help us engage with other generations?


  • Less judgement more engagement

From my own workplace involvements and experiences, I can safely say that I have experienced my highest potential when a team leader/ manager has used the Laissez-faire technique of management which involves allowing me to do it my way which I feel gave me a very high amount of freedom to get the job done. So by allowing me to be involved in the decision making with colleagues and bosses and explaining how I intend to work without them saying “this won’t work, do it this way!” Unfortunately, this is not always the way and most bosses just want you to do as they say and get on with it Weyland, A. (2011)  says that actually it does not take much to understand what actually motivates us, Gen Y, and how it can be implemented by the employer. this means it is important to be inclusive not exclusive!


  • Don’t be bossy, everybody needs guidance

Again through personal experience I have found that when a baby boomer or generation X’er is your boss most of the time they expect you to be able to do what they can do which is not true most of the time and become bossy because they cant understand why we don’t know how to do what they can do and they say “You should know this!” “Why cant you do this? Its easy, Do it this way!” what I am trying to get at here is us Generation Y’ers are new to the industry show us how to do things and don’t ut assume we know what we are doing straight away and leave us to it. When we are guided asked questioned and coached well. (Jeanne, M.C. and Karie, W., 2010).  Says you have to ask us millions of questions, give us some advice, but then let us go into the wildness of the real world. If you want to get on with us don’t shout, be strict or give us strict instructions please! It will not help us only anger us.


3 – Work-life integration

My final and probably most important point is the work life intergration. We like flexable hours and we like to intergrate our work life. We do not want to keep work life and home life coplely seprate like the baby boomers or generartion X we want to socialise and intergrate one into another we want to do what we enjoy and get paid for it in otherwords if we want to answer our work emails at the weekend let us and if we want to check our social media accounts during work hours we are not doing this to spite you we are doing it because we enjoy it.

Generation Y channel on YouTube is a very good link with some very interesting things on it… have a look!


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