Social Media – A Marketing Game Changer

Social media has changed the way an event is marketed for the better and modernized the evets industry. Bashar et al (2012) covers the main elements of what social media is when they say “Social media covers a significant range of applications and websites with their own purposes, these differentiate from networking publishing, discussing and sharing” and Rouse (2011) says social media is “a way in which organisations use social media networks to increase brand recognition and customer reach” which is why social media is a wonderful tool for marketing an event. I would like to use this blog as a place to advice those budding event managers on the dos and the do nots on using social media to market their event.

Social media can be a huge influence and play a massive part on an event if used correctly. As social media grows so does the things you can do with it, In this blog I would like to take the time to explain a few of the key things a event manger can do to market their event for the better using social media platforms. There are a number of simple steps you can take on any social media platform to ensure that your efforts are not in ineffective and unsuccessful.


1 – #TheHashtag

Used correctly hashtags can be vital in a marketing sense, this Is because a hashtag allows your message to be gathered, ordered and searched for electronically with other messages using the same hashtag. Making it imperative that your hashtag is managed correctly.

When thinking up a hashtag for your brand or event, consider the following:

Keep them #Short and #Simple – Short, humorous hashtags are easier to remember and will fit the character limit

Don’t stray from the event – Your hashtag should show the connection to your event

Be original – Use a hashtag that isn’t already in use, and that cannot be taken out of context.

Consistency is key if your hashtag is #Event1994 make sure your consistent with the date involved and the capitals and spellings always double check before marketing with a hashtag be sure its correct and then post it. This will allow an accurate and concise picture to be gathered of who is saying what about your event and it also allows you to reply and communicate with attendees.

For more on a successful hashtag please read –


2 – Track The Data

Data tracking will seem like a dull boring and daunting task, but it is totally needed to make improvements and take on bored what others have to say to improve your event next time. The whole point of using social media to aid your events marketing so reading the things said about your event is very important. As an event manager you should be using the information you read from various social media about your event and using it to your advantage to figure out and address how your audience feel about your event and how you can change the things the attendees disliked.

There is a lot of different pieces of data that can be tracked and a number of different data models it is possible to find out what your audience likes best. This is perfect in the marketing sense because it allows you to adapt to market to these people by seeing what they like and dislike. Making it possible to remove the things they dislike and enhance the things they like furthermore, and interestingly Twitter and Facebook now allow for questions to be asked to followers via a poll. This means you can pose a direct question and for 24 hours you can gauge the results and potentially change something after the results are in which in a marketing sense is ideal for an event manager.

3 – Promote your event, don’t spam it!

There is a very thin line between promoting your event and simply spamming your event online. Telemarketing and begging possible attendees to buy tickets, apps or other event related merchandise is very similar you have to be very careful how you approach doing this there are a number of laws set out by the government for this which must be followed even on social networking there is no exceptions instead build relationships with these people get them to follow your social networking by advertising and hash tagging and when they feel comfortable they will talk to you and ask you questions

The way to promote your own content (which you absolutely should be doing) and still sound human is to make some adjustments. Remember to

  1. The entire point of social media is to humanize your marketing. Don’t tweet things you wouldn’t want to read!
  2. Having more than one headline will help you in systematizing your social media updates without spamming others.
  3. What is your audience talking about? Talk with them make them feel important and wanted.

What to remember

Firstly, social media is a marketing strategy, and a means of constructing and maintaining significant relationships with the people who are most vital to your event. You have to pay attention to what is being said to and about you and provide value to your attendees whilst understanding what causes them to dislike something then change it if possible. This is the future for the events industry, it will only get bigger and more widely used for me social media is not only a game changer its a career changer as personally I would love to run social media accounts for a boxing company such as Matchroom this is why I am constantly trying to improve my knowledge and understanding in this field.



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